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The one with the dry stone walls.

Without a doubt one of our favourite projects, surrounded by fields and the river Chelmer a stones throw away, this large garden threw up some challenges from day one. The garden regularly flooded when the river breached its banks, whilst near impossible to avoid this fully affecting the garden we found ways to manage the water better, redirecting it via drainage systems and raising the bulk of the planting in new raised beds to keep the plants out of harms reach.


The new hardwood decks were also raised to avoid the water but also to hide a large waste treatment unit. With a bespoke lifting lid the deck allows access for regular maintenance.


The planting offers a mix of styles; the main raised beds use a limited palette of variety and colour to create a scheme which is easy to maintain and easy on the eye. The decks are surrounded by a more tropical range of plants to create a softer and more private feel while the new long pergola and path are planted in a more traditional style with roses and herbaceous classics such as heucheras and roses.


The design is sympathetic to the overall feel of the garden. The winding curved dry stone walls mix function with form leading the eye to the decking, where the last deck features a bespoke cantilevered pergola offering some privacy while open enough to enjoy the views beyond.

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