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Love a bit of base?

When a patio is completed it's unlikely anyone considers what's underneath whilst admiring the chosen slabs on top. But we believe a patio is only as good as the base it stands on, a base fit for purpose, that will last years to come and ensure your patio remains good looking and functional.

Whilst existing ground conditions can dictate alternative methods we generally stick to a tried and tested format. Once the ground has been dug out to the correct depth we use a special ground stabilising membrane, then a layer of crushed stone which is compacted until solid. Only then do we lay the slabs on top of a full bed of mortar.

The base has to be prepared with the correct levels and falls so that the patio will shed water in the right direction whether to a drainage system or lawn. It takes time and effort to prepare a good, solid base but it's time and money well spent.

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